eLAND installs on a VPS with Dokku.

See the Dokku installation guide.

  • Install Dokku on a VPS with a fresh Ubuntu 16.04,

  • Domains: don't set a global domain, but set a domain for the app with a wildchart

(all dokku commands are on the server)

dokku domains:set app-name *
  • Create app, install postgres and redis plugins and bind them to the app (see Dokku guide).

  • Configure nginx to allow bigger uploads (for documents)

sudo su - dokku
mkdir /home/dokku/appname/nginx.conf.d/
echo 'client_max_body_size 10M;' > /home/dokku/appname/nginx.conf.d/upload.conf
sudo service nginx reload


A CNAME record with wildcard should point to the Dokku app url.

Match subdomains and database schemas (groups)

Set a config var for each subdomain to the name of the schema in the database

dokku config:set appname SCHEMA_FLUPKESUBDOMAIN=flupkeschema

Above example couples domain to database schema flupkeschema.

Set the overall domain with:

dokku config:set appname


Create a IAM user on AWS with access only to S3. Then create 2 buckets in your region for images and documents See file include/default.php for which libraries are to be uploaded. The buckets should have the same name as the url.

dokku config:set
dokku config:set AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=aaa AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=bbb

Create CNAME records to these buckets CNAME record for

See the AWS S3 docs

You need to set up CORS configuration on bucket S3_RES for the fonts of footable 2.0.3 to load.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<CORSConfiguration xmlns="">


SMTP mailserver (e.i. Amazon Simple Email Service)


From mail addresses

  • MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS: a mail address when a reply-to address has been set.
  • MAIL_NOREPLY_ADDRESS: a notification mail you can not reply to
  • MAIL_HOSTER_ADDRESS: used for the request-hosting form.
  • MAIL_NOTIFY_ADDRESS: mail system notifications.

Mail is sent only from MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS and MAIL_NOREPLY_ADDRESS. These addresses should be set up for DKIM in the mailserver.

Google geocoding

Coordinates of addresses are looked up and cached from the Google geocoding service in order to show the location on maps. At maximum every 2 minutes a request is sent to the API in order not to hit the daily free limit. You need to get a key from Google and put the key in the environment variable GOOGLE_GEO_API_KEY

The geocoding service can be blocked by setting GEO_BLOCK to 1.

Request hosting form

The Domain of a request-hosting form can be set with:

  • HOSTING_FORM_domain=1

Permanent Redirects


Redirects to A double underscore in the key represents a dot in the domain.

Other environment vars

  • TIMEZONE: defaults to 'Europe/Brussels'
  • MASTER_PASSWORD: sha512 encoded password for 'master' -> gives admin access to all Systems.


Link a postgres database to the app.

Schemas to be set up can be found in the /setup directory See also Migrate from eLAS 3.x


Link a redis instance to the app.

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